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Cookie 使用範圍

1. 什麼是 Cookie?

Cookie 是小型的文字檔案,當您訪問本網站或 VOCO Media 旗下服務( https://vocofm.com)時,本網站會將 Cookie 儲存到您的裝置中。這允許本網站在您下一次訪問時記住某些資訊,例如您的偏好或登入狀態。

2. 我們如何使用 Cookie?

我們使用 Cookie 來:

  • 改善您的用戶體驗,例如保持您的登入狀態、記住您的語言選擇和其他偏好。
  • 分析網站流量和使用者行為,幫助我們優化網站並提供更好的內容和服務。
  • 記錄廣告和營銷活動的效果。
  • 保護網站安全,例如幫助我們識別和防止不正當的行為。

3. 第三方 Cookie

除了我們直接設置的 Cookie,我們還使用一些第三方工具和服務,這些工具和服務可能也會設置 Cookie。這些第三方 Cookie 主要用於分析流量、提供社交媒體功能和執行廣告活動。

4. 如何控制 Cookie?

大多數瀏覽器允許您查看、管理、刪除或阻止特定網站或所有網站的 Cookie。但請注意,如果您選擇禁用 Cookie,某些網站功能可能無法正常工作。

5. Cookie 保留期限

不同的 Cookie 有不同的有效期。有些 Cookie 只在您的瀏覽器開啟時有效,稱為“session Cookie”。其他 Cookie 則會持續更長的時間,稱為“persistent Cookie”。我們會根據需要確定 Cookie 的保留期限。

6. 更新與修改

我們可能會不時更新此 Cookie 使用範圍說明。所有更改都會在本頁面上發布,建議您定期查看以保持更新。

1. What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small text file that, when you visit this website or VOCO Media’s services under https://vocofm.com, this website will store on your device. This allows this website to remember certain information the next time you visit, such as your preferences or login status.

2. How do we use Cookies?

We use Cookies to:

– Enhance your user experience, such as keeping your login status, remembering your language preferences, and other preferences.
– Analyze website traffic and user behavior to help us optimize the website and provide better content and services.
– Record the effectiveness of advertisements and marketing activities.
– Protect the security of the website, such as helping us identify and prevent improper behavior.

3. Third-party Cookies

In addition to Cookies set directly by us, we also use some third-party tools and services, which may also set Cookies. These third-party Cookies are mainly used for traffic analysis, providing social media functionality, and running advertising campaigns.

4. How to Control Cookies?

Most browsers allow you to view, manage, delete, or block Cookies for specific websites or all websites. However, please note that if you choose to disable Cookies, some website functions may not work properly.

5. Cookie Retention Period

Different Cookies have different expiration periods. Some Cookies are only valid when your browser is open, known as “session Cookies.” Other Cookies last longer, known as “persistent Cookies.” We determine the retention period of Cookies as needed.

6. Updates and Changes

We may update this Cookie Usage Scope Explanation from time to time. All changes will be posted on this page, and we recommend checking regularly to stay updated.

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